When it comes to making sure that your canine is comfortable, if you are a dog owner, will go to great lengths. It may be in the form of the best dog house, dog bed, treats or even medication. Nothing threatens your dog's health and comfort like fleas. You dog, when infested with fleas, will always be scratching due to the itchiness that accompanies flea bites. You may think that only your dog's appearance suffers when they have fleas, but it is good that you know that flea infestation also affects

your dog's appetite because the constant discomfort makes it difficult to eat.

What then do you look for when it comes to dog flea medicine? It is important that you know the effectiveness of a flea medicine to the control of the specific fleas that infest your dog. This you can easily know by consulting your veterinary to know the fleas that are prominent in your area. Fleas respond to medication differently; therefore you need to find one that the fleas are not resistant to so that your dog can benefit from it.

Look for dog flea medicine that you are comfortable with its mode of application. Whether it is a pill to be swallowed, shampoo, or flea collar; you need to understand its usage and be comfortable with it. It would be highly unfortunate if at all you were to give topical medication orally. The effects would be adverse if not fatal to your dog. It is thus only right to know how to use the medicine and the dosage. If at all you are not sure, feel free to consult your veterinary.

You need to know that even though cats and dogs, under the supervision of a veterinary, flea medication is not one of those times. Some of the components of dog flea medicine may be lethal to cats and vice versa. To ensure that your dog is safe it is important that you stick to medication specifically tailored for the dog. Read to understand more about pet care.

Another thing that you should consider is your personal preference and that of the dog. You may want to have a dosage form that complements yours and your dog's lifestyle. If at all you end up struggling to wash your dog with medicated shampoo or to give it a pill, you may opt for a flea collar because it is effective, lasts long and you need not struggle with your dog to medicate it against fleas.

These are some of the few things you need to know about flea medication for your dog at pet-lock.